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Below you will find information about various aspects of our business (Twin Angel Welding, Pella, IA), general information about welding, career information, product releases and highlights, work samples, and various other welding related content. We are a premier welding services contractor in Iowa and are headquartered in the Pella area. We service all of Iowa – within reason – and at an approachable budget-friendly rate.

We are also a diversified product manufacturer and contract manufacturer, with capacity to help you realize your goals as a commercial entity, using our skilled craftspeople as well as our facilities, and advanced tooling. We have grown a lot in the past few years, and we are eager to continue to grow, while maintaining a strong commitment to customer service and world class welding.

We offer Products to mainstream consumers that are welded in the USA and represent the best in class engineering and design, paired with world class production.

We also offer contract welding services for commercial manufacturers and businesses that need longer-term projects completed, but want to utilize a third-party to benefit from expertise, and avoid concerns and costs of in-house employees.

We are dedicated to building a sustainable Iowa-first welding shop that is diversified, capable and led by innovation and experience.

Welding technology, odd gatekeeping and other rants about the Welding industry

We think the welding industry could be a lot betterLet's discuss training, innovation and getting better as welding professionalsWhat types of innovations and changes are actually impacting the welding world right now? It seems like no matter what the innovation is, that the welding world always seems to go back to Old School technology for training,...

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Video/Audio Podcast about Welding Concepts Episode 2

Welding Podcast Episode 2 In Episode 2 of the Welding Podcast, we talk with Owner of Twin Angel Welding, LLC, from Pella, Iowa, about securing a business, why welders cost what they cost and how you can improve the working relationship with welders both on a per job basis and over time by helping them be more efficient, all while saving time and money on...

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Video/Audio Podcast about Welding Concepts Episode 1

Welding Podcast Episode 1 In Episode 1 of The Welding Podcast, we talk with Josh Scott of Twin Angel Welding, LLC - a Pella Iowa based welding outfit that offers a broad based service offering in welding and metal fabrication services. We talk about a bunch of different concepts including working with a welder as a FFL dealer or Gunsmith, or other gun...

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Welding Consumables and Components

Information about Welding components and consumables What components and consumables do welders use?More than 25 years in the business of WeldingLearn about Welding ComponentsWhat are some true mainstream Welding Components? Some common types of rods, wire, and electrodes that may be used include: Carbon steel rods: Carbon steel rods are used for welding...

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