Contract Welding Services

Contract Welders No Human Resources Nightmares

We can help you get out of a jam due to a new big contract, or lack of recruiting resources

Need welders now? But don’t know how to source them?

We can weld today for you on contract

We have a robust training and development program and professional welders that can work today.





We are a premier provider of staffing services in Iowa for welding professionals. Our Contract Welding Professionals are trained and vetted by our management team that has 3 decades of experience as top tier welding talent themselves. We take care of the benefits, we take care of the certification training, and upkeep; we handle the human resources aspects. You sign a simple, straightforward contract and you simply have to tell us when you need welders and at which site. 

If you need welding talent, we have real world professionals with actual experience, understanding of machinery, and production methodologies, that are ready to work without the hassle of recruitment, talent management, and long-term commitments that are hard to break because of employment contracts.

If you are not satisfied with the welding professional we send, for any reason – we send another welder, and we handle the rest. You get a commodity trade of welding experience and a physical employee, with none of the difficulties of managing employees. 

We can even build a long-term program to ensure you have exactly what you need and backup for normal day-to-day operational changes. We help you craft an exact program for your welding needs. And you just tell us where and when to have professional welding talent ready to work. Our flat-fee structure means you minimize budgetary concerns from day one, and you can plan for the exact needs you have, long-term, without expensive liabilities on behalf of employees, benefits and pensions.  

We decided to take the long-term approach

We’re building a system that recruits and develops the best talent in the welding world

Sure, it sounds like a bunch of information that we don’t need to share with anyone – but we want to help you understand that we are building a system of welding resources and talent for what’s coming tomorrow – a shortage in properly trained, properly supported professional welders in the workforce.  We are a premier provider of contract welding services in Iowa, but we also service Iowa businesses and individuals who need mainstream welding services and Emergency and after-hours Welding Services.

A lot of talent is being pushed towards high tech office and computer oriented workplaces. We know that manufacturing won’t be scaling back anytime soon, even with advancements in manufacturing technology, robotics, AI and other important innovations. It’s why we decided to improve the local and regional capabilities of companies that need welding talent for real-world solutions. We are building a team of professionals that are geared towards finding, training and developing the best talent in welding so we can be a leader in not just implementation and local work, but also in providing contract welding services to accomplish contract needs and improve profitability. 

You can’t afford to take on debt and expense in order to develop talent in-house because the economy has been so inconsistent. We are improving internal recruitment, training and development of actual talent in the welding world. We want to further the capabilities of companies that cannot be bogged down by recruiting cycles, excessive costs associated with internal payrolls, or the HR problems that arise from a large workforce management. 

We think there is going to be a day where talent and projects will need to come together from varied and diverse origins to accomplish your needs as a business – and we are investing in helping make that a reality – at least so that you can improve efficiency and focus on your needs instead of taking on more training and management responsibilities than you need to. 

Contract Welding Services Iowa

Oh, and we have welders ready to work today, if that wasn’t clear.

It’s simple: We have all the talent you need – without the headache you don’t

Welding Staffing Services

We manage talent, and keep them certified, improving skills, learning, growing, so that you have on-demand contract workers that can help you grab a piece of the business you want to, without having to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on internal expansion and increasing your footprint unnecessarily. We handle all the stuff you don’t want to, like payroll, sick time, benefits, training and development, and hiring, recruiting, firing, and other day-to-day operational tasks that make business less efficient if you’re not spending a large amount of time on them. 

You want a welding job completed. We understand that. We can provide the talent to do so, with no extra strings attached – just a clean, clear-cut, simplified contract, and a world class welding professional with all the tools needed to get the job done. You work with a single point of contact. No drama – just a solution to your welding needs.  Bottom Line: Welding Professionals for Contract Hire.

WE Help Build your Business

We send Welding Professionals to your Site

Welding without the hassle of benefits, recruiting or hiring/firing

Contract Welding Services with Twin Angel Welding means simplicity, capacity, and a no-hassle guarantee. 

You get an easy to manage employee on the site without the employee/employer relationship. We manage everything off-site, and you benefit from our robust training and development program, our benefits and compensation packages and our oversight and management. 

You tell us what you need in a welding professional, and then they show up. Ready to help you accomplish real-world production tasks. If you're unhappy, we send a different welder. When you want more welding capacity, we have people - trained, experienced and ready to weld.