The only Welding Company that offers After Hours and emergency on-call Service Locally

Emergency & Rush Welding

We built a model that helps you stay in business – even if you have something unexpected happen

We offer after hours welding & fabrication services so you don’t have to disappoint your customers

We can’t do all the emergency jobs – but we can do yours

Call Us – We are ready to take on your weekend welding or fabrication job, or your after hours service call

Our Entire Team is positioned to help you succeed even if it means during off-hours

No job is too large, no job is too small

We’ve done our best not to turn down welding jobs after hours. We are a business ourselves, and we know how annoying it is when failures, or emergencies arise. We want our clients to know we will do our level best to help them recover from temporary upsets or unexpected concerns. We also know that the bad stuff always happens when you least expect it. We built our welding services division around that concept. We hire professional welders and fabricators based on that model, too. We have a robust training program for our service industry division, and we make sure that our professional customer facing representatives are willing to and capable of handling real world issues for industries all over Iowa – at any hour that they are needed.

We’re a small business. We get it.

Day to day, business can be unexpected

Whatever it is, from a busted machine mount, to a broken snowplow, to a deteriorating sheet metal protective guard. We have seen it all – and guess what – we burned the midnight oil with professionals in different industries to help them get back up and running. Sometimes it was freezing cold. Sometimes it was blazing hot. Sometimes we had to transport pieces to avoid the rain. Sometimes we had to service it hanging from heights. What we always did though – was get our customers back up and running. That’s kind of our thing. We see a problem and we come with solutions. So call us for after hours welding services in Pella and beyond. We can almost guarantee we’ve see a similar problem, or have experience that can help you save money and improve throughput when you’re facing the unexpected.

Weekend Service

Sometimes you need to be there

We don’t overcharge for our after hours welding and weekend service times.

That means you can get a strategic advantage by working with our team on a project that you want to make sure you can give your input on. Of course we are experts, and we can help you get efficiency in your projects, but being able to see things as they happen can improve the final outcome. We can help you finish a project in real-time if you are a hobbyist and cannot schedule a pick up or be there during the normal work schedule.

Let us help you accomplish your goals as a maker, an entrepreneur or on your side gig. Leverage our experience, our tools, our skills and our ability to accommodate your scheduling needs.

We have engineering background. We have planning background. We have product prototyping background. We have consulting capacity. We have welding skills. We have fabricated thousands of projects in the field. We have advanced tooling that we can access if we cannot do our service call completely mobile, in the field. We are built to help you find more efficiency and better solutions for long-term business and hobbyist needs.

We weld custom Projects

If you can imagine it, we can weld it

Welding, grinding, and ingenuity

We LOVE custom projects. It gets our creative juices flowing. We LOVE helping Iowans realize their fabrication and welding dreams (is that a thing? It is for us!). We love practical welding projects and we love creative ones. Whatever you need, from impellers to propellers, to custom trailers, custom outbuildings or even specialty gun safes - we can help you get that welding project itch, scratched.

We weld on antique cast iron projects. We can repair and help retain the look and integrity of truly special pieces. It's hard to find a team that can repair old cast iron.

Why wait another year to build that hunting blind that is able to be trailered and bombproof in four seasons?

Why leave that hay uncovered for winter? Why not get that custom off-road vehicle hauler built? We do that kind of thing. Simple, complex... it doesn't matter - let's chat and see if we can deliver on your designs, or ask us to do some design work for you before we weld it up!