Are you a welder?

We’re Expanding

We’re accepting resumes for positions throughout our company

We are looking for world class CAD Artists, Welding Professionals, Management and Sales Representatives

Experienced in manufacturing?

We accept applications throughout the year if you are truly a world class talent

We decided to take the long-term approach

We’re building a company that recruits and develops the best talent in the welding world

Do you consider yourself a world class talent in any of the following areas?

  • Welding (with certifications)
  • CAD (with a verifiable portfolio)
  • Bring to market, marketing & product development
  • Plant management
  • Training & development for manufacturing and skilled labor
  • Outbound B2B Sales
  • Multiple machining or design modalities with commercial product experience
  • Metal finishing, coating and other refinishing techiniques (cerakote, powdercoating, anodizing, plating, painting and associated finishes)

We’d love to hear from you if you are in any of the above positions or have substantially similar experience

We are a purveyor of custom products through partnerships and an in-house portfolio of consumer facing products in multiple industries

If you have experience in any of the following industries we would love to hear from you:

  • Firearms, hunting, EDC gear or other aligned industries (especially on the product side)
  • Furniture industry (DTC, B2B or Manufacturing, or on the design side)
  • Robotic manufacturing and tooling, production line work on commercial industrial equipment

We work with General and subcontractors in construction on projects for commercial real estate development

If you have experience in any of the following capacities we would love to hear from you:

  • As a direct consultant on engineering
  • As a consulting architect for light gauged steel manufacturing or for commercial steel buildings
  • As a foreperson for a commercial construction company with multi-state experience

We enjoy distribution and manufacturing channels for a variety of commercial/industrial and consumer products

If you have a product you are interested in developing, marketing or having manufactured, we would love to hear from you:

  • We would entertain any product in any industry that is related to metal manufacturing or which is machined, partially machined, welded or fabricated out of metal or partially out of metal
  • We would like to meet with artisans who want to improve total sales or develop a product for a larger distribution channel than they are currently in

We can provide an NDA if needed for a meeting in person or in a virtual venue.

Our goal of becoming one of the largest and most capable welding oriented product development and welding services companies in Iowa may be a lofty one, but we feel uniquely positioned to act on our commitment to training and development as part of our plan to expand with the best talent and help our people reach their own lofty goals as employees, management, and partners in Iowa and beyond.

We are incredibly committed to building the best employee development program in this state. Our team is in continual development to establish a new standard of best practices for employee education, innovation on the employee side and in building a robust development track for our valued people.


We accept employment contact through this email only.

You may also call our recruiters at (951) 330-4045

We may not contact you immediately, depending on our specific hiring cycles or needs. We would like to have your resume on file for future employment offers or offers to interview for specific positions. Any open positions that require immediate filling will be denoted on our blog and on this page. We appreciate your willingness to explore employment with us and we look forward to speaking with you if you meet our exceptionally high standards. Similarly, we invite you to reach out and let us know how we can be a better employer and potential workplace for world class talent like you.