We build Fences, Gates, Railings, and Livestock Control Solutions

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Pella and Des Moines Local Welding services

General, Off the Shelf and Custom Fencing Options

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Welded Gates, Security Infrastructure, and Railing

Commercial Welding Repair_Heavy Equipment

Ranching, Livestock containment and Continuous Fencing Runs

Commercial Welding Repair_Heavy Equipment

Decorative Ironworks – High End, Custom Work

We produce off-the shelf modular componentized fencing and gate, railing, and livestock containment products.


We also produce custom fencing, railing, and continuous property containment products in the field.

We are a full service professional welding company based in Pella, Iowa. Our team of world class welders is built to be able to produce off-the-shelf solutions for common use products, like fencing, livestock containment purposes, and continuous fencing runs, and railings. 

We also produce custom railing solutions for ADA compliance, on corporate sites for public facing companies. Additionally, we craft custom security solutions for businesses throughout Iowa and the surrounding region. 

For Multi-location businesses or businesses not in the Iowa area or surrounding areas, please contact our Corporate operations team at 951-330-4045 for a proper quote on larger orders, Pre-pay retainer arrangements, or for multi-state needs.

If you have a larger project, lead times may increase unless you have all materials on site, ready for fabrication – all projects depend on material sourcing needs if they include uncommon material needs. If you have the materials on hand we can provide the welding in short order.