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An important note: What you may see on the internet by “welders” may not be exactly the best welds, even if they look nice and colorful and picture perfect. We are skilled team of welding professionals, but some pictures may not be indicative of the prettiest welds. A pretty weld does not mean it’s a great weld. And yes, we will definitely weld it “pretty” if the job calls for it. There are many reasons you may see larger weld beads, or more penetration on the weld joint, etc.: the customer may need to maintain a tight budget, or reuse material, to save money or accomplish certain goals. We may also be under direction of the customer. It is also important to realize that certain welds need to be “pretty”, others need to be finished, ground, or filled. Others may just be a picture taken at a random moment prior to the finished product. Some materials like cast iron and certain stainless alloys and aluminum alloys are very difficult metals to weld properly.

We offer these gallery images to show the types of projects and welding services we are capable of, and which are typical for each segment of our business operations. We are certified, proven welders, and like any skilled tradespeople, what you see in pictures may not always be indicative of the finished product – and all of these welds are welds that have never had to be re-done. We invite you to see our reviews and our handiwork – we are reasonably assured that you will be impressed with the strength and quality of our welding. 

Disclaimer: Some pictures may show client workspaces or in-the-field locations.


Specialty and Contract Manufacturing Welding Gallery (contract manufacturing and our welded products)

Specialty hitch welds

Manufactured welded steel products

Specialty hitch welding

Specialty Hitch - Contract Manufacturing

Contract manufacturing welding

Welding and fabrication projects gallery (welding performed in the field)

In-Field Project – Mobile welding unit (2-employee crew) constructing a modified baffle repair on a stainless steel waste tanker unit, with dissimilar metals

Stainless steel tanker repair Iowa

Repair on a stainless steel waste transport tanker trailer

Employees welding on a stainless steel tanker for waste transport

2 person welding crew Repairs a dissimilar metal baffle inside of a waste tanker unit

Stainless steel waste tanker welding repair

Welding repairs on stainless steel in the field, and dissimilar metal joinery in a stainless steel tanker trailer

dissimilar metal welding repair inside of a stainless steel waste tanker

Repair welding inside of a tanker unit

Welding and fabrication projects gallery (welding performed in the field)

In-Field Project – Mobile welding unit (2-employee crew) constructing a utility building with square steel tubing

Outbuilding Expansion with welded steel frame - Iowa

Extending a Utility Building in Pella Area

Frame welded for barn extension in Iowa

2 person welding crew builds full building in short time frame

Welding in the field to construct utility building expansion in Greater Des Moines area

Mobile welding crew welds steel frame for outbuilding in Iowa

Final welding on a frame structure for a utility building near Pella, Iowa

Initial Welds to level frame and build outbuilding

Welded steel building frame - extension to outbuilding on ranch

Final welding work on internal steel bulding frame done in hours, instead of weeks

Construction Welding projects gallery (welding performed in the field on commercial projects)

Various Construction projects for structural welding in Iowa and the region

Pella, Iowa commercial construction welding project in city center near windmill

Construction site welding on structural steel in the Pella, Iowa Area

Proprietary beam and joist bracket for commercial project in Pella Iowa

Heavy duty bracket for weld in place joist/beam support on commercial property

Specialty welded beam/joist bracket for commercial building

Proprietary beam support bracket for commercial building in Pella, Iowa

Commercial Construction project in Pella - specialty welded Structural joist/beam bracket

Construction site welding on structural steel for hybrid commercial project utilizing wood and steel framing in the Pella, Iowa Area

Small footprint circular staircase made of welded steel

welded custom steel circular staircase with small footprint, ready for installation

Custom welded steel circular staircase 

welded steel custom circular staircase stringer at Iowa property

Small footprint welded steel stringer for custom welded circular staircase

Vehicle Welding and fabrication, and repair welding projects gallery (welding performed in the field by a welder in our Mobile Unit)

Various In-Field and mobile welding Projects – Mobile welding unit repairing vehicles and equipment

Welded Floorboard restoration on heavy duty vehicle - BEFORE REPAIR - Showing structure

Open floorpan, showing structure in need of repair on a heavy duty commercial vehicle

Welded Floorboard restoration on heavy duty vehicle - AFTER REPAIR

Completed floorboard/floorpan welding repair on commercial vehicle

Suspension repair on heavy duty truck - Before repair, showing cracked and separated support structures

Major Suspension Repair on HD Commercial Vehicle BEFORE REPAIRS

Suspension repair on heavy duty truck - After repair, showing welds on frame and fabricated supports - other side

New Suspension support structure for HD vehicle

Suspension repair on heavy duty truck - After repair, showing new support structures

Suspension/frame reinforcement to get HD commercial vehicle back on the road

Suspension repair on heavy duty truck - After repair, showing welds on frame and fabricated supports

Final welding work on suspension to get a road hazard back into running conditon – HD commercial vehicle welding repair

Small welding and fabrication projects gallery

Disclaimer: Some pictures may show client workspaces or in-the-field locations.

Specialty Vehicle Project Gallery

welded modification to welded bumper for off-road truck

Off-road – welded bumper modification and fitting/attachment

Small in-shop or at customer location, fabrication and welding projects

Decorative Steel Railing – urban steel fencing

Urban railing and fencing in linear format

Stainless Steel welds on round tubing

Stainless steel repair welds on heavy duty round tubing

Heavy Duty Trailer frame for low center of gravity

Welded HD trailer frame custom designed for maximum stability with larger unbalanced loads

Welding repairs on railing components

Stainless Steel Structural welds on Round Tubing

Stainless Tubular welds for structural frame

Railing repair with steel tubing and sleeving repair

Retaining original hardware on railing repair job

High traffic area – steel railing repair work

Gallery of Our Steel Buildings and Modular Steel Structures

Disclaimer: Some pictures may show client workspaces or in-the-field locations Some pictures may include products or tooling in the background of the image that are not 100% produced or designed by Twin Angel Welding. These are example images for modular steel building products and may not be representative of our current product mix.



Existing installations of our modular and custom built welded steel buildings

Clicking on any of the following pictures or links for steel buildings will take you to a different website – we own both of these websites – but you will navigate away from the Twin Angel Welding Website.

You can also see all of our products by viewing them here.

custom steel building made with welded steel frame and easily movable to any part of your property

Red Steel Modular Building

moving a modular steel building with no flex on frame

Red Steel Modular Building being moved into place

large scale steel building made with a robust welded steel frame

Open large utility shelter welded steel building

animal support structure made of welded steel

Open large utility shelter welded steel building – with animal containment area

Moving a steel welded outbuilding on a ranch

Welded steel building being moved without flexing

animal shelter building made of welded steel

Animal shelter building made from welded steel – completely movable

welded steel utility building with open architecture

Small temporary, mobile capable steel modular building

small modular welded steel; building for utility usage

Welded steel building that is easily movable on your property

premium animal shelter with enclosed room - welded steel building

Premium open architecture welded steel building

animal corral - welded modular steel open building

Open architecture welded steel outbuilding for animal housing requirements

enclosed tack room, or outbuilding for ranch or homestead - made of welded steel

Moderately sized, completely enclosed steel building that can be transported into place

welded modular steel building being used as a large scale tack room

Cabin-style welded steel building that has a porch area out of the elements

medium sized open animal shelter or barn - modular steel building

Simple hay barn – welded steel building

heavy duty premium steel custom chicken coop or small poultry housing

Premium custom welded steel Chicken coop

Hunting blind, completely enclosed, made of steel - a welded modular steel transportable building

Hunting blind – completely enclosed with sleeping area – welded steel building

tack room next to horse corral - steel welded building

High-end animal containment and tack room – made of welded steel – completely modular and movable