Our General Fencing Options, Off the Shelf and Custom Fencing and Railing

Fencing Options

General Fencing Options

We offer the following Fencing services and Products:

Our General Fencing Options

We offer off-the-shelf, quicker turnaround products that are made in a modular fashion allowing you a faster project finish, or a simpler installation into existing infrastructure.


Modular Gates and Livestock panels


We offer our own design of modular gates and Livestock panels. We craft high quality, long lasting livestock panels and entry/exit hardware for temporary placement, or reuse on shifting needs on the homestead or ranch. Our products are stiffer (by design), and offer a durable, rigid livestock containment solution.

Our pricing, despite being significantly better quality than other competitors is still competitive on pricing.

Fully Custom on-site, welded in place Fencing


We are a full service welding company based in Iowa. Our team in that region can come to your location and install custom fencing, welded in place. We operate in the Pella Iowa, and Des Moines Iowa Metro areas and in surrounding communities between and around those cities.

We are also capable of installing fencing on larger projects in the region including other surrounding states – based on the total size of the job. Call us to see if we are the right partner for your fencing needs.