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Iowa Welding

Get Iowa Welding, by an Iowan, for Iowans. We offer welding services with a quick turnaround – better than industry average – and competitive pricing.  Josh Scott and his team of professional certified welders based in Pella, offer strategic logistical systems that allow us to provide welding in Iowa – throughout the state. 

Get your on-site welding repairs for big jobs, to get your farm machinery back up and running, or your facility back to normal operation. From the farmhouse to the slaughterhouse, to the butcher, the baker, and the occasional candlestick maker, we offer a variety of pre-fabricated and one-off solutions to help you stay productive. 

We offer commercial quality welding, with a familiar, and comfortable customer service offering. You get the best of both worlds when you need Iowa welding – we give you better pricing and better service. Forget about waiting forever to see a repair technician. Our team of service professionals have skills in metal fabrication and welding, to help you solve complex problems without having to wait for more people to arrive, and a bigger bill. 

If you need Iowa Welding, contact us at (641) 230-0649 and we can help you get back to business. 

Get in Touch with our Southern California Team

If you need the services of our California Operational Team please contact us Monday – Friday 9am – 4pm PST at (951) 330-4045. You can also reach us at

This team handles the following:

  • Recruiting information
  • Contracts that will require work outside of the State of Iowa or the immediate surrounding communities
  • Contract work (including welding, welding staffing, Consulting and work outside of Iowa)
  • Sales of our Products whether branded or contract manufacturing
  • Product Development, and Go-to-market services

If you need Iowa Welding, contact us at (641) 230-0649 or email us at and we can help you get back to business. We have a robust team of welding professionals and management based in Pella, Iowa for local and regional welding and fabrication needs.