We offer premier Metal Fabrication services

Get your Fabrication Project Completed

Custom Fabrication is our Bread and Butter

You have something In mind – We can help you get to the finish line

Every Fabrication Project is Custom – Our Approach is what sets us apart

We want to see cool projects. We want to be part of your fabrication project. We want to put our skills to the test. We want to build great things. That’s why we partner with people and companies just like you, to build cool things.

SnowPlows, Tractors, AGri-Tooling, prototyping – and a bunch more stuff

We are super interested in what you want to accomplish with one-off designs

Of course some projects are more mundane than others, but we get a thrill out of helping you be more productive, solve simple problems and get more efficient by coming up with well-thought out solutions. We also like building on the “next big thing”, so whether you are a farmer trying to get the crops in by the deadline, or you are a company trying to go public, we think we can help you accomplish just a little bit more than you did yesterday, with our custom fabrication services.

Tell us what you’re working on – we can work with your NDA, or your quick turnaround. We’re here to help Iowans make more, do more, and be more than they were yesterday, through good old fashioned ingenuity and hard work. Use our skill sets in fabrication and welding to bring your metal projects to life.

Hunters, duty officers, government projects, or whatever you need in an institutional or safety industry

We have some ways to cut down your lead time to getting a finished product, or real time result

We are so well-versed in what a customer needs from a metal fabrication perspective, that it doesn’t matter what industry you need help in – we have seen a lot of projects and helped engineer a lot of products. We like engineering, and tweaking designs, and getting work done with super efficient work flows – that’s why we are heavy on documentation, and eager to share our experience with you. From light gauged metal to cast parts, to improvements that incorporate just a small amount of welding – you can count on our experience with metal fabrication and metalworking to ensure that you save money, and get exactly what you’re envisioning. 

Car enthusiasts, entrepreneurs, hobbyists – Unite!

You’ve got an idea in your head – we can make it a reality

We have fabricated hitches, lift brackets, fender reinforcements, roll cages and hundreds of other truck and car parts. But we’ve got experience in building first-rate, heavy-duty prototypes for safety equipment manufacturers, building for ADU development, and parts that need to be super tough, for cool manufacturing companies throughout the USA. We also help weekend warriors get the project they’ve been dreaming of for years, finished.

We are welders – but we are more than that. We can help you understand why you may want to have certain parts machined and certain parts welded; why you may want to use hollow tube and a CNC plasma table instead of solid stock, and why you may need to revisit the drawing board from an engineering perspective, before it’s too late. You pay for our welding and fabrication implementation, you get all of our experience for free.  

Metal Fabrication Services from a Company THAT has done a lot of metal fabrication over the past 30+ years

The bottom line is this: We are 30+ years into this gig – and we are growing rapidly. A lot happens in 30+ years. And we have helped a lot of people make a lot of money on the back of a truly innovative design, or a more efficient widget. We have also grown a lot and know what it takes to see real value on a tight project. We are consulting welders for construction sites, and product development specialists for a number of private companies.

We can build, but we never stop engineering. We can weld, but we never stop learning. We can create, but we always measure twice and cut once – we always envision the full version before we make the first cut, or tack weld, or even the first back-of-the-napkin drawing.  Let us show you how we do this thing, whether you are in Iowa or beyond – we would love to be considered for your big project, or your backyard project. We don’t discriminate.

We weld custom Projects

If you can imagine it, we can weld it

Welding, grinding, and ingenuity

We LOVE custom projects. It gets our creative juices flowing. We LOVE helping Iowans realize their fabrication and welding dreams (is that a thing? It is for us!). We love practical welding projects and we love creative ones. Whatever you need, from impellers to propellers, to custom trailers, custom outbuildings or even specialty gun safes - we can help you get that welding project itch, scratched.

We weld on antique cast iron projects. We can repair and help retain the look and integrity of truly special pieces. It's hard to find a team that can repair old cast iron.

Why wait another year to build that hunting blind that is able to be trailered and bombproof in four seasons?

Why leave that hay uncovered for winter? Why not get that custom off-road vehicle hauler built? We do that kind of thing. Simple, complex... it doesn't matter - let's chat and see if we can deliver on your designs, or ask us to do some design work for you before we weld it up!