Prepay for welding repair or Fabrication Hours and save a lot of money

We are already competitive on pricing – Prebuy hours for service/labor and save BIG!

Whether you need to deploy capital to strategically benefit on taxes, or you need to secure capacity for your projects – we can help you build a fortress around a changing business climate

We’re going to lay it out simply

If you prepay for our wage labor, you can take advantage of our industry and wage leverage

We have a bulletproof contract to help you secure strong advantages through pre-pay welding contracts, and BIG INCENTIVES

We want to keep our diverse, highly skilled team busy

So we help you save operating cashflow by banking prepaid wage labor

Had a banner year? You can redeploy some of that success in the form of prepaid wage labor that can positively impact your tax bill, your strategic goals for growth, and improve your total cost outlay in the future for world class welding labor or fabrication labor.

We take care of the human capital, and pass on the leveraged benefits to you through cost savings in your overall labor structure. 

We have a fantastic contract structure, and can ensure that you don’t lose value on dollars in an industrial sector that is consistently raising prices year over year. We lock you into current prices, and give a discount, with low blackout dates and no hassle, on-demand labor. 

GeT savings for pre-buying access to our labor pool, our strategic insights, and our consumables stock

Pre-paid Welding services make good fiscal sense for many businesses

Get significant discounts, priority servicing during peak busy seasons, and get access to a strategic resource management program that allows you to save money and access premium welding talent, and a large stock of consumables as needed to improve your overall timelines and total cost outlay for welding, construction, staffing, or fabrication needs. 

Work with a reputable, strong welding company in the MidWest, backed by a world class team of managers, business leaders and staffed with the best talent in the region.

Prepaid Welding Time Units are Easy to understand, and Easy to Utilize

The process is simple:

1. Buy as few as 40 hours of welding services at a time, and bank these labor hours for future needs.

2. Don’t contend with blackouts**, don’t sweat the hassle of in-house staffing, and don’t fret about consumables or Equipment***

3. Save money now, and lock in today’s pricing, and guarantee that you have the talent and staffing you need as you ramp up, or to combat staff turnover.

4. Receive up to 20% welding labor cost reductions on a sliding scale that puts premium welding talent in your facility, or brings your projects to one of ours. You pay only for the labor, but you get all the value of a fully diversified, fabrication and welding services company.

Contact our corporate management team to discuss the possibilities. (951) 330-4045.

**We offer minimal blackout dates for premium pre-paid welding services contracts. If a date is blacked out, we may still be able to staff your project fully. Our dates for blackout are constantly updated in real-time, and you can purchase a no-blackout period contract. We are constantly adjusting to improve total capacity, and employ long-term, high quality welding professionals.

***Additionally, we can provide consumables and equipment unless specialty, robotic, or exotic material consumables and equipment are needed. Typically, we have enough stock for consumables, and the right equipment on hand to ensure we can meet most needs. Our ability to stock for a wide variety of exotic welding needs in excellent relative to peers, but you should speak with our representatives if you have a particularly exotic material mix (e.g. Stellite, Super Duplex, High Tolerance titanium, etc.), or specialty welding needs (e.g. underwater welding, etc.)  

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