We can help you bring your designs to the market properly

Full-Service Go To Market and Welded product prototyping

From Prototyping, to marketing, we can help you turn your idea into a marketable product

Our team of professionals can build a winning, marketable product for you, without compromising on your goals

Prototyping. GTM Strategy. Marketing. Production.

Call Us – We are capable of helping you build out the product you’ve been wanting to take to market in months, not quarters.

We have a diversified team that is more than just Welders.

But we’re very good at welding production too.

We are a welding company at heart. But we are a team of people that have various skills at the top of the industry, including engineering, prototyping, strategy and marketing. If you cannot afford to staff your own in-house team we can build a custom program for bringing a product to market for you. We are a contract welder for many different products. Our ability to improve production costs makes us a great partner as a welding company. But our ability to bring a product full-cycle to consumers is hard to match in the welded product space. If you have a product that requires welding, and want to go-to-market, we are probably the best team to help you do it. Our leadership and management team can answer questions in real-time, and doesn’t need to push you off to try to come up with an angle to “sell you” on our services. We have done exactly what you are trying to do and we have turnkey solutions to help you succeed no matter what industry you’re in. 

A marketable product is more than just a good idea.

We can help you engineer and prototype it.

Staffing an engineering and prototyping department in house doesn’t always make sense for start up companies. Especially in the industrial arena. Similarly, with the outrageous costs of payroll, benefits and high churn in employee populations, it’s difficult to keep good human capital in-house. We can help you solve that problem. We can help you envision, prototype, improve, and bring-to-market, any welded product. We have significant resources in every aspect of the go-to-market ecosystem, from CAD/CAM and Physical Production capacity to Marketing and Sales.

We can also help with all the other things that come with making a product and a company

Go-to-market veterans, with the capacity to satisfy supply and demand.

When you don’t have a team in place, or you don’t want to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to bring a prototype to market, or to push through subsequent products, we may be a very good fit for you. We can do 100% of the process on your behalf – not just the welding – and we offer simple, turnkey solutions and simple contracts. 

But we can also help you design an in-house program on the back of a successful Go-To-Market campaign. 

Building a company is not an overnight thing. Let us help you in consulting on how to maximize efficiencies, and maximize profits – in America, with high quality talent and high-quality materials.

Marketing too.

Why would a welding company do marketing? Because no one will know you’re there unless you tell them. Partner with a marketing heavyweight.

Our management team is heavily weighted in the marketing, sales, and consulting skillset. This means we can help you plug-and-play into the market you want to penetrate. It’s a quick and painless process to work with a team of professionals that not only understands the industry you’re in, but also the best practices to bring it to market.

We have an incredible track record in marketing from designing and implementing marketing collateral and assets that bring real conversions, to the full-blown campaign you need to compete in your sector.

We have helped over 1000 brands secure online real estate, a digital footprint, and realistic traffic that actually converts to sales. We have helped to bring dozens of products to market in the past year alone. Our ability to put a team at your disposal within hours means you are able to go-to-market quickly and easily. We can help you make money. Forget about popularity – we get results that means actual money. None of the hype, all of the bottom line dollars.

From design and engineering, to production, to advertising and marketing, we can help you be seen in a market where it is increasingly hard to compete.  We don’t struggle to compete – because we have these skills dialed in thanks to our diversified, highly skilled team.

We can help you take a product to market. Maybe you’re an entrepreneur, maybe you’ve had to cut some in-house budget and staffing, maybe you’re new to a specific market. We can be the lynchpin in your go-to-market strategy. We have the team to help you envision and iterate on the products you want to produce, the team to strategize sales and growth, and the team to offset production costs or produce your product 100% for you. Let’s chat and see what we can do together.