Training and Devlopment Thought Leadership, and Employee Voice

welding training and development program

Why Twin Angel? Because our Training and Development programs are guaranteeing that you get the best welding talent available

  • You need results, which is why our Training and Development Program is so important
  • We are aware of no other welding services company on the planet that is as invested in our employee’s capabilities, and are building a Program that delivers the best results for you
  • We spend more per employee on education and technical skills, as well as soft skills than just about any industrial sector company
  • We are creating internal assets for employees that push their limitations to help them be the best they can be
  • Our programs mean you save money and get better quality deliverables

Do you NEED Talent?

Good for employees and Good for you

Our programs to identify, curate, develop and improve talent in the welding space means you get the best possible interaction with our human capital. It means we have a sustainable workforce that delivers on promises. It means you get better ROI for your spend on welding services. It means that we are ushering in a new era of industrial professionals that can think on their feet better, have the resources to excel, and have the ability to deliver the best products and services on the planet.

It’s not just about being an employee with Twin Angel Welding – benefits and compensation are competitive – but our training and development systems are world class. We want a labor pool that builds the next great thing, and customers that can benefit from their ability to do that.


Our people mean more to us than just a blue collar worker. We want to empower them to be leaders in their field – we take their advancement and training seriously


We are building an internal management track for all of our employees to be part of. 

We already have tooling and resources in place to help go above and beyond welding certification Continuing Education. We are curating a team of trainers and educators that are on the cutting edge of welding technology and our innovation team is building the best system of development that exists in the welding world

What does it mean for you? It means you get more output, better finished products, a quicker, more resourceful professional, and a team that can overdeliver. 

We want every one of our professional team members to be able to outperform, so we simply made it part of the core of what we do: we don’t handcuff our people. We build what they need to be the best version of themselves, both personally and professionally. Our team members – the people in the trenches doing real-world; real-time work in the welding sector, know exactly what is needed to improve output, deliver better experiences to our clientele, and to have a better quality of life on the job, and after the day is done. 

We’re committed to making it happen. See how we can help you with Contract Welding that outperforms all of our peers.