Our Welded Gates, Security products, access control, and Railing

Fencing Options

Welded Security cages, Outdoor Storage, Gates, Access control and ingress/egress protection, as well as railing

We offer the following Railing, Security, and perimeter protection solutions:

  • Inventory and secure Storage cages for loss prevention and storage of valuable items interior and exterior
  • Fully custom gates and perimeter protection
  • Railing for ADA, Public access areas and for walkways, balconies, and other areas (interior and exterior)
  • High Security entry/exit solutions for long-term storage, and access control 
  • High Security infrastructure for retail

B2B and public facing security solutions welded in place and modular

We craft premium high security solutions for permiter and access control, including modular, transportable solutions, as well as weld in place solutions for your business, governmental building, retail loss prevention and secure storage.


Modular Gates and barriers for temporary access control, or beefing up security temporarily or for mobility needs


We have modular solutions, and weld-in-place, both turn-key and fully customized offerings.

We can customize a solution for your needs. We also have the ability to perform large scale welding operations at your facility as needed. 

Our high security solutions offer premium build quality and competitive pricing, as well as excellent servicing and repair inclusions. 

Contact us today to see what we have, and see our designs for your specific project.

Railings for ADA compliance, public space compliance, and value-adds for customers


We offer railing solutions for your needs. Generally, because every jurisdiction has different building and safety codes, we offer custom railing installations

We also offer some modular products that can be installed on site in your facility by an experienced welding professional. 

Call us see our catalog offerings, or explore railing installation on your project in Iowa an neighboring communities.