Our Welded Continuous Run Fencing and Livestock Containment

livestock containment solutions

We make continuous run, weld in place fencing, and livestock containment solutions

We build large scale property perimeter and livestock containment solutions:

  • Continuous run fencing for grazing control or along property lines
  • High quality, long-term, durable steel fencing for animal control, and segmentation on larger properties
  • Fairground, sports complex, and other continuous run fencing, and segmentation and control projects
  • Modular and weld-in-place livestock containment structures, including modular barns, hay barns, fencing for equestrian training and corralling, and for livestock and dairy production needs

Livestock control through welded steel architecture

Long-term, durable, easy to touch up solutions for livestock grazing containment or for safety from larger animals. We weld in place for continuous run fencing, and we sell modular ready to ship and ready to install paneling for livestock control.


We make it in modular formats for faster turnaround, and smaller or more mobile solutions


Our Modular livestock containment solutions offer premium livestock control for temporary, mobile, or short term needs.

We can also weld-in-place for larger perimeters, or for larger infrastructure projects.

We have a complete ecosystem of metal welded accessories, buildings, and options for your exact needs, whether you have livestock, or dairy production, or have a different operation all together.

Contact us today to see what we have, and see our designs for your specific project. We are a diversified welding services company based in Pella, Iowa.