Welding Consultants – Welding Consulting for Commercial projects, new businesses, and program development

Welding project consulting

An entire world class team of consultants for your welding consulting needs

We have welding professionals that are at the top of the game, but unlike other welding consulting companies, we have developed high quality internal programs, and have other experts in Finance, Human Resources, Marketing, and general business consulting which can give you a distinct advantage when choosing us as a consultant for your welding operation.

  • Large commercial projects – scaling, hiring, sourcing materials, and staging for project coordination
  • Go-to-market services for products and service offerings
  • Improving competitive positioning in your area through better welding business practices
  • Evening out earnings throughout multiple seasonal difficulties
  • Transitioning into a technology-forward welding company
  • We consult on dozens of operational efficiencies – call us to find out!

We often function as a business consulting company – a consultant that focuses on welding and the welding industry

We are a team of professionals that understands how fundamental a cornerstone of industry, that welding is. We are also a company that embraces innovation, technology adoption, and understands the ins-and-outs of the welding sector. We have a team of thought leaders with general business, Human Resources, Recruiting, Training and development, Finance, and welding professionals. We are in a position to help small and medium welding businesses grow exponentially as a welding consultant. We are also a service provider to larger companies for third party services, contract welding, and staffing for the welding industry, or for welding specific projects.


We have architectural and structural engineering expertise. We also have welders that have worked on projects of all types. We have a large team of business consulting professionals.


Our team is diverse. We have a set of skills that allows us to showcase ideas and innovations that other welding consultants may not even be aware of. We are not just welders trying to act like we are able to consult. We are consulting professionals, that have backgrounds in welding too.

That’s the difference between our team and other welding consultants – we can have a dramatic positive impact on your bottom line quickly!

We stand ready to help you get more revenue out of your next project. We are capable of helping you recruit, train, design programs for internal improvement, and help you increase efficiency at your facility, and beyond.