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Welding seems straightforward until you are stuck on the production line due to a weld failure, or can’t move crops because a trailer hitch breakage, or can’t finish production because one of your machines has a broken piece that cannot be overnighted because of supply chain issues. Speaking of supply chain issues – we know that a lot of problems in the recent past have been outside of your control. This is a collection of Frequently Asked Questions to help you determine if you are partnering with the right welding services company in Iowa – we can tell you what we have to offer, and we believe we have “just about seen it all”, so we feel uniquely capable of finding solutions for you or your business. Read on to see if you agree that we are the best welding company to partner with in Iowa. We’d love to be working with you.

Welding service provider throughout Iowa

We believe we’re your best partner for welding services in Iowa – Here are some FAQ’s

More than 25 years

Our Story

After 25 years of work experience in construction and as a professional certified welder, Josh Scott decided to branch out and start something bigger. He knew what was wrong with the standard offerings in the marketplace of welding services in Iowa – there wasn’t enough great customer service. The idea of welding services, was a commodity idea that “anyone” could offer, and it was hard to show, before the work needed to be done, that a welding provider was credible. So he set out to build a business that could satisfy the needs of Iowans when they were in need of premium welding services. It’s a continual push for the team at Twin Angels Welding, LLC, to provide better service, the best pricing, and the fastest turnaround.

We take your needs as a customer of welding services seriously, and promise never to treat you like a number. We look forward to forging strong relationships with our clients and building up those relationships by being your go-to provider of welding repairs, commercial welding, certified welding needs, and metal fabrication services. We have systems and management in place to be agile enough to meet the needs of our clientele. We can scale when you need us to. We can travel when you need us to. We can handle your rush or emergency needs when you have them. Our hours? 24/7, because you don’t know when your tooling will break, or when you will need a repair so you can get back to working hard. We love being just like you – Hard working Iowans at our core.

Why should we choose Twin Angel Welding, LLC

Well we consider ourselves pretty hard working, honest and well-experienced folks, but that alone doesn’t mean we are your perfect fit. We hope you’ll read through our website and these FAQ’s below to see if we can help you understand how we work and why we might be the best fit for your welding needs in Iowa. We believe we offer a compelling case, from our very competitive rates, to our ability to service you long-term, and our quick turnaround. 

We aren’t perfect, but we are continually pushing to be better, and making strategic decisions in our business to always offer more for our clients. if we do make a mistake, we will guarantee to make it right. We are in it for the long-haul. 

How can you guarantee to have the materials you need to do my project?

We can’t GUARANTEE that we will always have all the materials every one of our client’s projects need. What we can be sure of, is that in the background, we are tracking our client’s needs from a macro perspective to make sure we are buying more of the things we use more often. We are working with additional suppliers, and prioritizing local folks to ensure we have great relationships and solid supply lines, and have material on hand for our local customers.

We are also stocking up more materials in our storage planning, materials that we frequently use, to ensure that we have some of it on hand for immediate needs. We buy our welding rods, and spools of wire, and gas tanks in larger quantities, to be ready for unexpected volume increases. We are stocking more exotic materials to help us counter one-off projects, while protecting common stock materials to prevent oxidation and other concerns.

What is the point? We are using data, and forward thinking to combat poor supply chain and fulfillment concerns.

We are also investing more in our growth and in your potential needs. We want to be a full spectrum welding and metal fabrication partner for our clients. This is a priority for us.

We are also a producer of prefabricated products and in-stock common products for the industries we serve. This helps us to keep larger stock available throughout our internal storage and production facilities.


If you’re in touch with us ahead of time, we can give you a status or guarantee tooling and materials will be on hand.

How can you serve All of Iowa with welding services?

You’re right. There aren’t enough of us to do so. Too much welding and not enough time. But, we can try really hard to take every job we can that can help to forge a good relationship with our clients. We are growing. Our team, our tooling, and our relationships. We are also built on a model that prioritizes Iowans. It’s why we are trying to be available on a 24/7 clock.

It’s also why we are so focused on investing in our infrastructure, our supply lines and our people. We aren’t a big company, but we are a company that is specifically trying to service the customers that need our unique value proposition. Sometimes this means traveling to other counties from our home base. Sometimes it means hiring professionals to add to our team that are not just in Pella, where we are based. sometimes it means training people and providing mobile welding services tooling to ensure that we can provide what you need to succeed.

In full transparency, we won’t be able to take all the work we’d like to. But we are not greedy, and we recognize that you need to accomplish your project goals too. If we cannot help you with your project, we may be able to help you find a credible, reliable welder to help you. As we grow, we will do our best to be able to service all of Iowa, all the time.

Right now, we are strategically positioning ourselves to be able to travel, and service all types of work that we see. In many cases we are able to provide significant service offerings to our clients all over Iowa. It’s best to check ahead of schedule to see what we can do to accommodate your projects. We prioritize emergency and rush work, throughout the state. We have a team of people that are dedicated to weekend and after hours to help with these emergencies. We have changed our hours of operation to 24/7 (but we are still growing and refining our market offering), so that we can move towards a fully capable and available workforce as we continue to expand.

We are aggressively expanding and making every internal improvement we can to improve our ability to serve Iowans in all communities with the welding services they need. We will be as flexible as possible, and as honest and transparent as possible when you call, so you know whether we can handle your project.

The more mission critical and larger the jobs are, the higher likelihood there is, that we will be able to plan around it, and help you meet your goals outside of Pella and the surrounding communities.

Can you weld cast Iron? Can you repair antique cast iron?

Cast iron welding is very difficult. Just about the only thing more difficult than welding cast iron, is welding antique cast iron. Just about the only thing more difficult than repairing and welding antique cast iron is finding a welder with the skills to do the work and the understanding of the materials and techniques it takes to keep your antique cast iron safe.

Whether it’s railing and gates, grates, fireplace tools, pots and pans, machine bases or old time shop tools, or any other antique cast iron – we can help you get it repaired, look as close as possible to original and bring it back to life properly. We are Cast Iron Welding Pros.

Cast iron is a fickle material. The age of a given piece further complicates it. The structure of the metal is soft with extreme heat, and the reactions and porosity of the older castings can mean it’s a slow and methodical process that requires an immense understanding of welder settings and source material. Even finding the new welding materials to make cast iron repairs is quite difficult, as the modern world has vastly moved on from cast iron, and older iron compositions. Specialty experience is absolutely mandatory.

But, if you have a cast iron welding project, or need a repair to antique cast iron, you are in luck – Twin Angel Welding, LLC works on these types of projects. We are one of very few qualified welders – even throughout the entire USA that can confidently, and competently work on antique cast iron. We have built a reputation for premium welding and service in the cast iron welding space, and that goes far beyond Iowa. If you need cast iron welding, rest assured we are a valuable partner to help you achieve the results you need in this hard to weld medium. See our page dedicated to cast iron welding HERE.

Quality, experienced, customer-centric welding services in Iowa

Our Mission

We want to create customers for life. We offer a strong combination of expertise, experience, training, tooling, customer service and flexibility. We understand that a little humility and transparency goes a long way too. We want to build relationships through welding – yeah it sounds cliché, but we believe in it.

Our Welding Services

  • Emergency and fast turnaround welding services
  • After hours and Weekend Welding services
  • Commercial Welding for businesses
  • On site/Mobile welding services in Iowa
  • Certified Welding
  • Mig/Tig/Stick welding
  • Exotic metal welding
  • Aluminum, Steel, Cast Iron, Titanium and other materials welding
  • We repair antique cast iron structures – it’s not an easy service to find, and we specialize in it
  • Production welding environment available for customization of your parts

Where we weld

We aren’t always going to be able to take all welding jobs. Iowa is big, even if it feels collegial and cozy at times. But we are definitely going to try our best to deliver on what our customers need. We travel for many jobs to be there to solve your business continuity needs at your location. We are building our team out to ensure this is a guaranteed offering in the near future.  In the meantime – we won’t bid a job if we cannot guarantee that we will solve your welding-related problem.

We are also based out of Pella, Iowa, and have facilities to ensure your project, regardless of size can be properly handled. We are growing swiftly, and reinvesting in our team, our tooling and our spaces. we are promising you will enjoy the benefits of our scaling and our strategic attention to detail as we grow responsibly. We hate hiccups when working with customers, so we take every transaction as seriously as we can. Your needs are first. Period. If you need welding in Iowa – we want to be working with you.  Tell us what we can do to be your go-to welding services provider.

testimonials about our welding services in Iowa

“Five Star welding services in Iowa!”

Josh was super helpful, had great advice, was responsive, and worked hard to get the job done quickly. What other welders told me would take a month, Josh was able to get done in just a weekend while still doing a great job. I would highly, highly recommend his services. – G.Parisee

I’m the pool manager at Urbandale Golf and Country Club. Needed a step for our board that was rusting out…major safety hazard! Josh was flexible, reliable, and does great work. We even kept the pool open during his work. Thanks Josh. Appreciate it very much. – C. Shellmyer

Honest people and Hard Working. Knows metalworks and takes great honor in their work. – R. Martin

Did Excellent work. Very fast turn around on needed repairs and did a great job, no worries at all about the truck frame. Thank you so much. Very easy to talk to and answers all questions and concerns. Definitely will use again and recommend to anyone in need of metal work. – B. McGriff

I took my trailer in to have some welds redone where the original ones from the manufacturer had failed on my dump trailer. Josh was able to successfully complete the work even sooner than he had first expected, was dilligent to ensure the work was done right, and provided extra care to guarantee longevity of his work. Thanks for your help! – Natural Impressions Landscaping, LLC

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