Welding Talent Staffing – Lean on our Recruting, Training, and Development skills

welding talent staffing

We’re different than day labor, and industrial staffing agencies 

We are a diversified welding company. That means that we don’t just weld. We innovate. We market. We train. We curate talent. We help with Contract Welding. We are a contract manufacturing provider. We have access to the best talent in the welding space.

  • Our core X-Factor is our Human Capital
  • Our focus is curating, and retaining the best welding talent from implementation specialists to creative process engineers
  • We have talented welders to help you compete more efficiently
  • You can leverage our skills, our cost saving systems, and our ready-to-work labor pool
  • We can help you staff your welding needs

We are growing, because we help uncover welding industry talent, and train this talent to be the best versions of themselves

Most importantly, we can hire, develop and support welders better because we focus on welding – we have systems, teams, and trainers in place that can elevate the native skills of the best welding prospects coming out of schools, and trade programs. It allows us to guarantee that we have the best talent in the industry. We are a leader in welding talent staffing.


We are innovators – but that means that we are the anti-competitor. We can help you get the talent you need to work NOW. We are providing solutions to the professional welders of the world, so they can improve their job outlook with companies like yours.


Yes, we can help you staff for single task, or limited task workflows – that is something we do. But why staff your team with implementation only labor? Don’t you want a team full of cross-trained, forward thinking, creative professionals that solve problems? We do that. We train for soft skills. We train for technical skills. We train for blueprint reading. We train for welding standards. We support certification attainment. We support with premium workforce resources, so our people know how to solve problems in the field – in the real world – in real time.

Our team is diverse, cross-trained, they ask questions – questions that help the team uncover unique and important solutions. We train and develop our human capital to be the best in the industry, and it allows us to help you find the right staff members that can help you be more efficient, more comfortable, and more profitable.

Forget about the hassles of building a robust in-house training and development program if your main focus isn’t welding-centric. If you need welding services, but don’t have the staff, badnwidth, or desire to build a whole eco-system to support world class welding talent – we can help.